Poetry Readings by Ghada

Click on the links below to see a few clips of Ghada reading her translated Arabic poetry…

"Think of Others" by Palestinian Mahmoud Darwish Translated and Recited by Syrian-Canadian: Ghada Alatrash

"No More and No Less" by Palestinian Mahmoud Darwish Recited by: Syrian-Canadian Ghada Alatrash (excerpt in Arabic and entire poem in English)

"Selma" by Syrian-Canadian Ghada Alatrash

Ghada Alatrash recites "On This Earth" for Mahmoud Darwish

Ghada Alatrash recites "When I Am Overcome By Weakness" for Syrian Najat Abdul Samad

Ghada Alatrash recites "The Art Teacher" by Youssef Abdul Samad

Ghada Alatrash recites: "Ablution with Rosewater and Jasmine" written by: Nizar Qabbani

Ghada Alatrash recites "To My Mother Who Left Me" written by: Youssef Abdul Samad